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Propecia is a treatment of male pattern baldness. This disappointing change in appearance of a man happens due to various reasons including genetic and endocrine ones. The hair gets thinner and finer at first, then it comes out usually starting at the hairline, forming horseshoe around the sides of the head. The other place, where the hair can thin, is the so-called crown on the vertex. Anyway, the hair loss is not considered as a disease that must be treated. If a man feels comfortable with a new look, he can keep the way as it is or change his hair style and use the situation to advantage.

But if you want to stop baldness, you should start treatment with medical products as soon as possible. Do not postpone therapy, so that you could succeed to the most extent.

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Propecia in UK is very popular as a baldness treatment, because it demonstrates the perfect results. Its action is aimed at blocking the damaging effect of a chemical produced in the organism that leads to hair loss in men. This drug is not intended for women or for children. How does it work? The remedy influences on a hormonal state preventing from the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Before starting treatment a patient should consult a doctor, who carries out necessary safety tests and prescribes a dose. Even, if you want to change Propecia 1 mg to Propecia 5 mg, do not do it without physician’s approval!

The drug contains an active component Finasteride used in a formula of the medicines also prescribed for the treatment of prostate gland enlargement. You should know that this agent can be absorbed through the skin, if a protection cover of a pill is damaged, that is why it is forbidden to keep a tab in hand without need. This applies especially pregnant women and small children. In the case of accidental contact with a broken tab, hands should be washed with soap and water.

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